06 August 2013

I Need to Get a Card Box

I've had a 5000-count card box and some dividers in my Amazon shopping cart for about two weeks now, but never get around to ordering it. I think I may have a problem on my hands. When I type I have to squeeze my elbows together to avoid knocking over piles of cards, and there's hardly anywhere to do my math homework. My wife recommended counseling, but I don't think counselors usually help people clear off desks. I'm not sure what she was talking about.

My roadblocks are lack of a place to store all these cards and lack of a way to keep track of what I've got. I'd hate to jut shove these cards into a box all willy-nilly and have no idea what to do with them all. I also need to clean my laptop screen. When you have three children under the age of four, things tend to get a little bit sticky from time to time. How do all you folks in the blogosphere keep the piles of cardboard under control, or am I not the only one with this problem? Any recommendations for collection tracking?


  1. You're definitely not the only one with that problem. I began the great clean up this past weekend, and still have a long way to go.

    Different people use different methods to keep track of what they have. Some use Zistle, some like me use spreadsheets. I'm sure that there are other ways to keep track of your collection, it's just a matter of finding something you like and keeping up with it.

  2. You have three children under age four and are willing to leave cards out in a pile on the desk??? I call shenanigans! My three-year-old would destroy those stacks in about 2.1 seconds.

    Nice blog -- I just saw it tonight for the first time. Subscribed.

    -Josh D. (royalsandrandoms.blogspot.com)

    1. The door to my hobby area is usually latched shut when I am not around, but occasionally I get up and go upstairs for just a second, and that's all the time the two year-olds need to get onto my desk and toss stuff around.

      We are in the middle of moving the hobby room downstairs and the toy room upstairs, but there are so many things going on that progress is slow. Someday I will have dedicated storage that is mostly out of reach of the little guys.