15 August 2013

Pack of the Day 10: 2013 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Pack

I opened a Jumbo Pack of 2013 Topps Series 2, it looks like it's a Wal-Mart pack due to the 3 blue-bordered parallels that came with it. As far as base cards go, I got the usual mix. The Homer Bailey card is interesting as it features what I believe is the aftermath of his no-hitter. Juan Pierre usually finds his way onto most of my fantasy baseball teams for at least a couple of weeks to boost my stolen base totals, but I don't think I've carried him on my rosters all that often this year. Bryce Harper is Bryce Harper and wears my beloved number 34. Paul Maholm is there in the scan for a reason that escapes me, probably because I felt the need to include another card for symmetry and he was the best of a lackluster bunch of cards. Then we have a representative of the Astros and a nice action shot of a defensive play at the wall by Michael Bourn, who also provides a boost in stolen bases but costs too much early in the draft when power hitters and multi-tool players are at a premium.

I don't know if the math bears it out, but Jumbo Packs always seem to carry a boatload of inserts compared to regular packs. People tell me this Manny Machado guy is pretty popular, and I pulled two of his inserts out of this pack. I have to admit, those black and orange jerseys are pretty cool. This is an up-and-coming Oriole Hot Pack, as we've also got a Chasing History card of Dylan Bundy. Sandy Koufax, Matt Holliday, and Alex Gordon all make cameos in the inserts. I especially like the shots of plays in the field like the Gordon card. And finally there is a mini of Jose Bautista. In the absence of anything of note happening with the Houston Astros, the Blue Jays step in as my surrogate favorite team, in spite of their acquisition of Melky 'Juicin' Cabrera.

And finally, we get to the blue-bordered parallels, with the highlight for me being Josh Harrison's sunglasses. Brett Myers looks like he belongs on an old Harley somewhere, probably wearing a leather vest covered in patches and one of those pointy German-style helmets.