06 August 2013

Pack(s) of the Day 6: 2 Packs of 2013 Panini USA Baseball Champions

I bought two packs of this product for some reason. I think in the heat of the moment I may have confused this with the 2013 Topps Tribute World Baseball Classic cards. I believe the Topps set features the international stars as well as the US stars who participated in the WBC this year, while this set seems to focus entirely on members of various American teams who have competed in international play.

Most of the cards feature players I have never heard of, similar to a prospect set like the Bowman brand. The backs don't feature a lot of stats, but offer a little blurb on how the player performed in his respective tournament. 

There are some cards highlighting players who have made their marks in the major leagues, though, with cards highlighting the international exploits of earlier US baseball teams. The Ken Griffey Jr. insert will make a nice addition to the small PC I have started for him.
These cards weren't exactly what I was expecting when I bought the packs, as the focus is a little different. A great many of the participants in the WBC are current MLB players, so the Topps set features a great many more recognizable names and faces. This set is not one I would seek to gather more of, unless a particular single caught my eye.

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