21 August 2013

What eBay Hath Wrought 7: 2013 Topps Archives Gold Parallels

When I started out on these parallel set projects for 2013 Topps Archives Gold and 2013 Topps Opening Day Blue Sparkle, I didn't realize fully what I was getting myself into. This particular set is made up of 200 cards numbered out of #/199. Even some of the Opening Day cards that are numbered out of #/2013 are somewhat difficult to find for what I consider a reasonable price.

However, these gold Archives cards are pretty attractive in my eyes. Something about the colors mixed with the refractor finish and the old designs works well. But they are hard to find for less than $2-3 each per common, and even more for stars or popular rookies.

I picked up this lot on eBay for right around $1 apiece, which is pretty good considering they were seeded right around 2 per box. I'm not sure what Wade Miley is looking at, but he seems a bit worried about it. Next we have Adam Dunn sporting a nice beard, Jason Heyward on one of my favorite set designs, and Matt Damon Justin Morneau.

Up next we have Sergio Romo with another decent relief pitcher beard, Andrew McCutchen with a helmet that seems to be in danger of falling off, Alfonso Soriano, and Adam Wainwright. Soriano has been on fire lately, unfortunately while wearing a Yankees uniform. When he goes on a hot streak, he can be as good as anyone. Speaking of guys who can do a lot of damage on hot streaks and have recently found themselves joining the Yankees roster, New York picked up Mark Reynolds after the Indians got rid of him. It is unfortunate, as I liked Reynolds a lot as a Diamondback and an Oriole. As a Yankee I will probably still root for him, but maybe not as much. It's hard to lead the league in strikeouts for four years in a row and still keep your job, but Reynolds has been able to do just that up to this point.

And finally I got Rickie Weeks and Josh Reddick. Reddick has been growing on me as a collector, although I don't know if I would go out of my way to pick up his cards just yet. But it's great if they fall to me. Overall this was a decent addition to the collection. There is still a long long way to go before this set is finished.

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