12 August 2013

What eBay Hath Wrought 4: A Big Helping of Blue Sparkle

This doesn't have anything to do with the following post, but I watched the Crackin Wax Allen & Ginter's case break last night, and they pulled some pretty nice cards, one of which was the Babe Ruth 1/1 hidden in the box lid. They also pulled a rip card and a silk card that was #/10. I didn't buy into the break, but I like watching people bust packs online, just to live vicariously through their hits. Crackin Wax is offering a raffle on Wednesday for a chance to win a box of Allen & Ginter's or a mystery package with an uncut sheet of cards, some other stuff, and mystery items from a current major league player, perhaps a signed jockstrap or a water bottle full of sunflower seed shells. Proceeds go to charity.

My foray into the depths of Target's $0.50 sale on packs of 2013 Topps Opening Day netted me close to 40 of the 220 blue sparkle parallels. Since the packs in this part of the world were all bought up by some crazed card-hungry lunatic, I have to look abroad for the rest of the set. I've been watching eBay for bulk lots to fill out my needs, but they have to be cheap enough per card to meet my personal threshold and/or contain some of the higher-demand rookies and stars. I came across one of those 'You Pick Four' for a set price listings and pretty much cleared the place out along with a couple of 4-6 card lots that came in under a couple of bucks. In all I got 51 new blue sparkly cards, for a total of 91 / 220, assuming I don't find any surprise doubles in the lot. In honor of the hefty lot of cards received, I am showing off the cards of the biggest boys in the stack. There's probably about 6 5 Jean Segura equivalents on those three cards.


  1. Hey there Chris, I have a small want list of these, and a list of cards up for trade as it appears you are going for the set. Wal•Mart stocks these pretty reliably though probably will never put them on sale ... but if you find a blaster at Wal•Mart with the yellow tag line on the box about winning MLB tickets, that blaster has the Opening Day Highlights this year. The only way to get those.

    From this set I need:

    OD36 (Tommy Hanson), OD82 (Carlos Santana), OD149 (C.J. Wilson), OD151 (Torii Hunter), OD213 (R.A. Dickey),

    And I have available:

    OD44 (G. Gonzalez), OD85 (Samardzija), OD96 (Zimmerman), OD 110 (Hart), OD111 (Segura), OD125 (Colon), OD159 (Moustakas), OD165 (Darvish), OD166 (Clippard), OD181 (Feliz), OD202 (Motte), OD217 (Ruiz)

    1. I will look in my binder to see what I have/need and hopefully we can work something out. Sorry I took so long to reply.