13 August 2013

Pack(s) of the Day 9: Double Vision, or 2 Packs of 2013 Upper Deck Football

I haven't been in the habit of posting every card in the packs I open, instead focusing on a few of my favorite base cards and any inserts I may pull. But I though this time it was warranted. I grabbed two packs out of the box, and both packs contained Marquess Wilson, Margus Hunt, and Robert Lester. So three sets of doubles out of two consecutive packs. That's some great collation, Upper Deck.

The other four cards in the packs include three more base cards and a Premier Prospects card of Montee Ball, who is in contention to be the main back for the Denver Broncos. Of course, with Peyton Manning at the helm, the run game becomes much less important, so we'll see how it goes. It is most certainly not the days of Terrell Davis anymore. Eric Fisher will no doubt be a very important player, but Offensive Linemen don't usually generate much excitement in the collecting world. Neither do Cornerbacks, who again serve an important role on the team but usually only become famous by being elite or by being blown out by a Wide Receiver and giving up a long play to lose a game.

Overall I am not impressed by this product. The design is boring, the players are in their college uniforms, and I pulled three doubles out of two packs. I think the way to go when it comes to football cards is to either buy singles of your favorite players or collect products that focus on the marquee players at the skill positions. I have always had bad luck with Upper Deck products. I think I may have purchased these packs before I realized that Upper Deck didn't have licenses for anything I wanted anymore. I guess the guys in college uniforms on the front of the packs didn't register in my mind. College football is all right, but I want cards of players in their pro uniforms, especially Broncos. The one good thing about this rookie-centric product is that I didn't pull a Ray Lewis or Joe Flacco card, which seem to come out of every other pack of football cards I buy. I dislike those guys and the Ravens in general, although Ray Rice is usually welcome on my Fantasy Football teams.

I love to watch Football, but so far I haven't bought a pack of football cards that did anything for me.

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