16 August 2013

Gint-A-Cuffs V: Pack 2

Pack 2 is a big step up from Pack 1, with four different cards scoring points, including a relic from Nelson Cruz, who is currently suspended for cheating. It is nice, however, to pull a Starling Marte and a Ken Griffey Jr., as well as a Jose Reyes that qualifies as an insert and a favorite team card.

Scoring Cards:
Tim Lincecum Base Card (Other Favorite Player): +2
Nelson Cruz (Boo!) Framed Mini Relic: +10
Hannah Arendt Inquiring Minds: +3
Jose Reyes Across the Years (My Favorite Team): +2 +1: +3

Pack 2: 18 points
Running Total: 20 points
Per Pack Average: 10 points

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